The spine and related organs

The Spine and related OrgansC1: Blood circulation, head, brain, ears
C2: Eye, optic nerve, auditory nerve
C3: Cheek, Ear, Tooth
C4: Nose, lips, Mouth
C5: Vocal Cord, Pharynx
C6: Neck muscles, Shoulder, Tonsil
C7: Thyroid gland, Elbow
T1: Hand, Wist, Finger
T2: Heart, Coronary Atery
T3: Lungs, Bronchus, Pleura
T4: Gallbladder
T5: Liver, Blood
T6: Stomach
T7: Pancreas, Duodenum
T8: Spleen
T9: Adrenal Gland
T10: Kidney
T11: Kidney, Ureter
T12: Small Intestine, Lymphatic System
L1: Large Intestine, Groin
L2: Appendix, Abdomen, Thigh
L3: Genitals, Womb, Bladder
L4: Prostate, Sciatic Nerve
L5: Lower leg, Ankle, Foot, Hipbone, Hip, Rectum

A false position of the vertebral column is able to result in significant complications with body organs like headache, eyesight disorders, Cardiac dysrhythmia or erectile dysfunction.

Assignment of the vertebrae to organic complaints:

headache, weariness, memory disorders, treatment, dizziness
C2: Eye disorders,hearing disorders, Sinuses suffering, polyps
C3: acne, bad teeth, Neuraligie, tinnitus 
C4: hearing loss, chronic catarrh
C5: Sore throat, chronic catarrh, hoarseness
C6: croupy cough, bronchocele, whooping cough, stiffer neck
C7: thyroid dysfunction, cold, depression, anexity

T1: shoulder pain, neck pain & muscle cramps, tennis elbow, deef feeling in hands and fingers
T2: heart problems, cardiac irregularity, anexity
T3: asthma, bronchitis, cough, flu, pneumonia, pleurisy
T4: biliary disorders, gallstones, jaundice
T5: anemia, arthritis, weariness, low blood pressure
T6: stomach upset, indigestion, DIABETIS MELITUS
T7: Pankreas disorders, duodenum ulcer, stomach upset
T8: splenic problems, immunodeficiency
T9: allergies, nettle rash
T10: kidney problems, arteriosclerosis, weariness
T11: skin diseases like psoriasis, acne, boils
T12: small intestine, infertility, growth disorders, rheumatism

L1: large intestine disorders, constipation, diarrhea
L2: abdominal cramp, varicose veins
L3: Impotence, menstruation, pregnancy and menopausal complaints, urinary bladder disease
L4: lumbago, sciatica, Prostate problems
L5: cold feet, cramps in the calfs, swelling of the feet and legs, disturbance of the blood supply

Sacrum: sciatica, abdominal & womb pains, chronic constipation, pain in legs and feet, anal itching , haemorrhoids, pain when sitting 

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